31891 - 4G/LTE 940nm Trail Digital Camera MG984G-30M, 1080 FHD

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EAN: 404250431891

4G/LTE wireless Wild game camera with Multi PIR sensor and black LED's, 30-MP (14MP sensor), 1080 P  FHD videos and 3'' TFT screen, attach it easily to the feeding place and you will have automatically the most beautiful pictures of your game. Send the photos to your mobile phone via MMS or 4G/LTE or GPRS to the PC by email (videos can be sent up to 10M), with new enhanced antenna for better sending. 24-hours around the clock. By  940 nm infrared LED's , images without flash at night! Infrared range is approximately 30 meters! IR up to 25 m, no scared game! Camera setting by computer, remote control or by SMS with your smart phone: 1 photo from MMS or email or up to 6 photos when MMS and email delivery is off and the photos are only recorded on an SD card. Videos 5-180 sec, videos with sound! Loudspeaker for electronical game call (files not included), Specifications: Auto white balance, focal length 2,4, field of view 60°; Multi PIR motion up to 30 m, 3'' TFT screen for video and slide show, display and battery for programming. USB cable, webbing harness attachment. Weatherproof housing, extremely small size approx LxWxH = 140x90x60 mm, weight approx. 300 g operating by 8 pieces AA alkaline batteries (AA, not included), power consumption <7mAh/day,
Card slot for SD cards 8 up to 32GB and mobile phone SIM card (both not included!)