31806 - 12 V wireless remote control Radio cable winch, force 1361kg / 2722kg

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EAN: 4042504318065

12 V car cable winch with 2x radio remote control, pulling force 1361 kg on a simple cable layer, loads up to 2722 kg can be easily offset by using a pulley  or pulled with this 12 V winch. Incl.9 m wire rope and hook. By adapter plate variable use at the trailer coupling at the rear or the towing hook at the front possible. Operation via radio remote control or cable remote control, with battery connection cable extra long, therefore also suitable for long vehicles. Manual operation by hand crank without power possible. Dimensions approx. LxWxH = 210x229x172 cm, weight approx. 11 kg, approx. 40 A, incl. 2 pcs. Radio remote controls for the cable take-off and pull-in (one as a replacement). Ideal for the salvage of game. With detailed installation instructions.